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Matrimonial Accounting

Urbach & Avraham partner, Jeffrey Urbach, has over twenty-five years experience guiding couples and their attorneys through the myriad of financial and tax issues of their divorce. From the initial compilation of documents to the final distribution of all marital assets, Jeff and his trained associates, assist the attorney and litigant through all financial aspects of the divorce process. We understand that divorcing couples suffer a tremendous emotional burden. We make every effort to alleviate the anxiety associated with the financial portion of the divorce.

Jeff conceived of and co-authored the first five-day Matrimonial Litigant’s Support Workshop course and teaches this throughout the United States. He is a nationally published author of articles on numerous matrimonial matters.

Jeff spearheads our matrimonial team of forensic and tax accountants to handle all of the financial elements of a divorce. We assist both litigants and attorneys in every financial aspect of family law including:


Mr. Urbach has served as a Court Appointed Receiver and Fiscal Agent for NJ Courts to protect marital assets from diversion.  We have successfully detected and documented the misappropriation of assets in many cases.   Jeff Urbach’s forensic findings played a key role in a NJ Appellate Unpublished Court Decision, click Diversion of Assets.  Urbach & Avraham is a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.  We keep up to date on the latest techniques and procedures in detecting fraud.


Please call our Edison, NJ office to discuss the scope and complexities of your marital dissolution. In a calm and logical manner, we can resolve the financial aspects of your marital issues. We at Urbach & Avraham, CPAs can guide you from the initial steps to your new financial security. We assist you at arriving at your new goals in a practical and affordable manner.