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Litigation Support

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Professional fees are steep. Litigation is overwhelming.

Is there an alternative? There are several alternatives to the standard legal process, which can relieve stressful lawsuits. Our CPA firm is involved in various methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution in New Jersey which reduce both the anxiety and fees of the legal process.


Jeff Urbach is a Rule 1:40 NJ Court Approved Mediator and on the faculty of the NJ Association of Professional Mediators . Mediation is the use of an impartial person to help people make informed decisions and develop mutually acceptable agreements. We work with litigants and their attorneys to settle cases in a cost effective manner. Jeff is available to mediate economic business matters. His mediation training coupled with years of serving as either a joint (neutral) or separate financial expert gives Jeff unique experience to help you reach a non-court imposed decision.

Collaborative Law:

Jeff Urbach co-founded and is an officer of the Mid Jersey Collaborative Law Alliance.  Collaborative Law is a new and evolving model in New Jersey; however, it is used successfully in other parts of the country. When irreconcilable issues arise, how much will one business partner pay the other? How will he finance this? The collaborative law team works with you and your business partners and addresses these difficult matters. In addition to your attorney, social workers, psychologists and financial experts will be part of the team if needed. You will have more control over the outcome and certainly reduce the fees and anguish associated with such disputes. For more information about Collaborative Law, visit the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals.

 Whichever method you choose to resolve the financial aspects of your dispute,  Urbach & Avraham, CPAs can guide you from the initial steps to your new financial situation. We assist you at achieving your goals in a practical, suitable and affordable manner.