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Executor Duties

Dad just passed away. I am executor. Where do I begin?

The passing of a loved one is the most painful ordeal. After the initial grieving, the family faces the reality of the financial burden and accounting issues. We, at U&A, can alleviate the nightmare of the financial affairs of a deceased relative. We will work together with your estate attorney to plan the administration of Dad’s estate.


Allocation and Distribution of Assets?

Who gets which assets?  Who pays the estate tax?

These are excellent questions…and there are many others…Which assets should we sell?  Which assets should we transfer in kind?  When do we transfer the retirement account?  Will the withdrawals be taxable?  The allocation and distribution of assets may be the most complicated step of the administration of the estate.  It is also the source of many lawsuits.  We at U & A can work with you and your family to explain the tax and accounting ramifications of each asset.


Funding Testamentary Trusts

What about Mom?  Which assets go into the trust for Mom?

When handling the administration of the estate of the first parent to die, we must provide for the surviving parent.  Which asset should go into the Unified Credit Trust set up for Mom?  Which assets should we transfer into the Marital Trust?  Which assets should Mom disclaim?  These questions have serious financial and tax ramifications.


Urbach & Avraham can help you with the Estate Administration–

Our services range from:

  • Locating Dad’s assets
  • Filing the final income tax returns
  • Resolving open tax issues with the IRS, NJ and other states
  • Transferring assets from Dad’s name to his estate
  • Filing the required US and NJ Estate and Inheritance Tax Returns
  • Filing the required US and NJ Fiduciary Income Tax Returns
  • Preparing an accounting of the estate for the Court and beneficiaries
  • Handling retirement accounts
  • Valuing Dad’s business interests
  • Protect/insure/manage assets until distributed to beneficiaries
  • Allocation and distribution of assets to beneficiaries


Please call for a free consultation to see how we handle the administration of your relative’s estate and relieve you of the burden. Delegating the estate administration to professionals makes the complicated process very efficient and less stressful.